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    imgThe Barbecue Cleaning Pros specialize in the cleaning and maintenance of your entire grill, inside and out. Our fully insured mobile cleaning service operates in the San Francisco East Bay.
    Many people love to grill but no one wants to clean afterwards. For most of us, a barbecue goes months, maybe years before it gets cleaned. Until now, grill owners did not have many places they could turn to have their grills professionally cleaned. Fortunately, The Barbecue Cleaning Pros are here to do the laborious dirty work for you!
    We come to your home or business with our unique and environmentally friendly cleaning system. Once finished, all remnants of grease, fat and carbonized food residues that are full of carcinogens will be completely removed, especially in areas that can’t be seen. We remove and deep clean all components of the barbecue in our specially equipped trailer, returning it to a clean, toxic-free condition that will once again allow you to cook great tasting food!
    The Barbecue Cleaning Pros offer a wide range of services to help keep your grill working the way it’s supposed to. Our services include:

    • Complete barbecue grill cleaning and degreasing
    • Inspection of barbecue grill parts
    • Barbecue grill seasonal and yearly maintenance services
    • Gift Certificates

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